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The Management's Students Group (NEG) is the representative organization of the Management's Degree Students in Iscte. Nowadays, our Group represents a total of more than 750 students in Iscte, for whom work daily to enrich their academic experience.

It is for our students that we keep continually adding new content to support their study in order to improve their academic success. It is for each student that we develop Guides to help them on their most thoughtful decisions and create forms that allow us to get closer to our students and receive continuous feedback.

It is because of you, for you and for Management that we created this space. The space so that you can access at any time all Bachelor's supporting documents that may enrich your academic path.

Erasmus is a Mobility Programme which gives you the opportunity of living and studying abroad. It is a chance to explore new cultures, face the unknown and create your own adventure. It is a self-discover process. It is about living moments that you will never forget and with them make histories to tell. It is about giving new worlds to the World!

For that reason, your Management's Students Group brings you your Erasmus Guide that will help you stay on top of everything you need to make a toughtful decision and start your jorney.

It is your time to explore the history of a new country, new realities and live moments that you will keep troughout your life. It is your time to write your story!

The future is unknown, but why not to take a chance? 

Erasmus Guide

At the end of the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, NEG created and developed a section entitled Tic Tac Study Time, whose aim is to give you tips, techniques and study materials.

In the highlight "Study Time", on NEG's Instagram, you can find this whole set, very useful for your success in the tests and exams.

If you consider yourself part of the modern and digital generation, we recommend a set of apps: Google Calendar, Focus To Do and Drawboard PDF. If you still like the old school habits, we created a personalized to do list that you can print and make sure you always have everything organized.​​​​​​​

Study Tips

If you have just finished the 2nd year of your degree, soon you will have to make a decision in relation to your academic path and choose 2 Optional Curricular Units that you believe to be the most adequate to finish your degree.

In order to help you in this decision, NEG has developed the Optional Curricular Units Guide that includes information that can be useful in this moment, such as, the syllabus, avaliation criteria, workload and testemonies from students that have been in your place.


Good Luck and we hope that the guide helps you in your academic path!

Optional Curricular Units