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The Project

Are you looking forward to living intensely again? Do you look forward to new experiences and opportunities to spend time with your friends? Then this project is for you!

Born in the midst of adversity, the project What's NEGst? aims to convey the message that better days are coming. Focused on contributing to the physical and emotional well-being of Iscte Management students, NEG wants to have a say in this resumption to normality and, therefore, we established partnerships with the most sought-after entities by our students.

Partnerships were formed with companies that can provide unforgettable experiences to the Management students, with the purpose of maximizing each experience, after so much time of confinement. Your Students Group believes that it is very important to look positively to the Future and wants this project to be the reflection of that.

The question now is: What's NEGst?

How to Enjoy It?

What's NEGst? is intended for all students of the Degree in Management of Iscte.

If it is your case, what you need to do is get in contact with any of the partner companies, indicate that you are a Management student at Iscte and present a proof of it, through your Student Card or your Personal Information, in Fénix.

All partner companies and their partnership discounts are explained in this section! Learn more about all the differentiating experiences that are waiting for you and also the unique benefits we have in store.

You choose What's NEGst!

Our Partners

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Fly4Fun is a company exclusively dedicated to skydiving, located at the Évora Municipal Aerodrome. It develops its activity both in the sports part, in the training of students, athletes and teams, as well as in the commercial, performing tandem jumps and radical experiences.

Website: www.fly4fun.pt/​​​​​​​


This partnership gives access to a 15% discount on the price of the 5,000-meter Tandem Jump and a 10% discount on the prices of the remaining Tandem Jumps, of 3,000 meters and 4,200 meters.These discounts are not cumulative with other promotions.

None of Fly4Fun skydiving courses are covered in this partnership.​​​​​​​

Green Wave Cascais - Surf and Outdoor Experience was created on the basis of outdoor sports services, linked to the sea and the mountain, betting on a strong quality and diversity of activities: Surf, Stand-Up Paddle and Hiking. It is composed of a team dedicated to sports and leisure, which wants to make a difference through the quality of the service provided, diversity of activities offered and quality of the material used. Its main values, directed to sport are: Transparency, Healthy Living, Respect for others and Concern for the Environment.

Website: https://www.greenwavecascais.com/


This partnership gives access to a 20% discount on Group Surf Lessons (3 or more people). These discounts are not cumulative with other promotions in force.

Parque Aventura Sniper is considered one of the best adventure sports fields in Portugal. It has several infrastructures aimed at providing fun, comfort and all kinds of strong emotions. Usually practiced in the open field, in contact with nature, these activities foster the interaction between friends and acquaintances in a healthy way. Sniper Parque Aventura is governed by its safety and professionalism, so fun can be your only concern.

Website: https://www.sniper.pt/parqueaventura18/


Discount of 15% of the registration fee on the purchase of the following programs:

> #saidecasa (max 5 people)

> Paintball (2 to 8 people)

> Arrow Tag (2 to 8 people)

TagusCruises is a company, located in Belém, which offers boat tours in Lisbon. It aims to make access to the Tejo River simple and easy for people who wish to sail in Lisbon. Their boats are some of the best boats available in Lisbon, maintaining a high standard of maintenance, cleaning and general conditions of each. Its fleet is certified by the Portuguese maritime authority, fulfilling all safety requirements.

Website: https://taguscruises.com/


Application of 10% discount on all boat trips; and offer of the first class in the sailing initiation course.

Portugal4fun is proud to be the largest platform for selling activities in our country, currently having more than 200 activities throughout the country. Through its website, it has available, among other activities, entrances in the best theme parks in the country, boat trips, airplane, horse, paragliding, mountain biking, motorized activities, parasailing, parachute jumps, kayak, radical activities such as surfing and bodyboarding, but without missing the diving and much more adventure.

Website: https://www.portugal4fun.com/


10% on all activities available for sale on the site. Discount is not cumulative with other discounts at the time of purchase.

To take advantage of the respective discount you will need to place the code "negiscte4fun" in the "Apply Coupon" field at the time of purchase. The discount will be automatically assigned. Alternatively, you may send the purchase request to the reservas@portugal4fun.com indicating the coupon code, number of people, activity and desired date.

"Colinas do Tejo" is a farm situated on the bank of Tejo, about 9 km from Abrantes, which has a private river beach. In this space, it provides accommodation to visitors in wooden houses, camping and caravanning. In addition, it also offers the possibility of several differentiating activities during the stay, such as kayaking and mountain biking, hiking or bird and mammal observation.

Website: http://colinas-do-tejo.pt/


Application of 20% discount on accommodation in wooden houses, camping and caravanning, as well as in leisure, sports and environmental preservation activities.